The Rock Garden – Star of the Show!

5th December 2018

All of our food is prepared with passion and served with love, but the star of the show has to be the Argentine Fillet! You lot seem to just love this particular cut of meat and continue to order this above any other! Every month we look at our numbers of what has been sold the most and this meat always wins!

But why?……
Argentina is famous for their steak. It’s not a secret that they love meat and that they are good in preparing it. Grass-fed in open country, the fillet is a very tender steak muscle which comes from the lower middle of the back and forms part of the sirloin. The fillet muscle is so tender because it does the least work. It is also a very lean cut with little fat running through it so probably the healthiest choice! Best cooked medium rare for optimum favour.

The Rock Garden’s recommendations for the perfect side dishes to complement your Argentine fillet:

  • Peppercorn sauce
  • Mushrooms and Shallots
  • Creamed spinach

(Remember, you already get fries, onion ring, béarnaise sauce and a grilled tomato included so this should keep you going!)

Now, the perfect way to finish off your meal – dessert and post dinner cocktails, you know you want to!

Dessert – Deconstructed Banoffee Pie
This delicious dessert is a favourite too in The Rock Garden and will be sure to leave you satisfied.

Post Dinner cocktail – Salted Caramel Espresso Martini.
This delicious and energising drink is blended with fresh espresso, salted caramel and vodka – Enough said!

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