Vincente – Flavours, Cocktails and Life

11th December 2018

Vincente is the creative genius of the bar at Buho who makes the most divine cocktails. He is inventive, passionate and always has ideas about what to make next in our Mexican restaurant Buho. His cocktails are creative whilst thinking about balancing the vibrant flavours of the Mexican dishes. We like spice and we like tequila so these particular flavours are rather popular in-house. Vincente is a truly valuable member of the team at The Fermain Valley Hotel and is passionate about his job.

Let’s hear from Vincente himself…
My name is Vicente Correia, I am 31 years old and born in Venezuela.
When I was 5 years old, my family went to live in Portugal (Madeira) where I finished high school.
I started to work in a number of different restaurants to save some money so that I could travel abroad to work and learn more about the industry!

So I found Guernsey…..
I started working at The Bella Luce Hotel to improve my English and after one year, I moved to Mora restaurant. Mora is a lively and busy venue, so I learnt how to be quick and got lots of experience. It was here that I developed my skills and became a supervisor and then bar manager.
After being at Mora for a while, I felt that I needed a change and to work in a different atmosphere with more challenges. It was then, that I found out that Guernsey was opening its first Mexican restaurant called Buho. I could not pass up this new and exciting opportunity, so left Mora and joined Buho – I have never looked back, I love it!
I am very comfortable in busy bars, I thrive when we have hectic nights and I love the atmosphere of making cocktails and making people happy!
My favourite drink is everything that contains rum, maybe a rum old fashioned.
I love making classic cocktails too, a classic old fashioned, mojitos, negronis and margaritas!
Here at Buho, the most popular cocktail is the mojito and margarita.
Come and see me at the bar and I will make you your favourite cocktail!

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