Why a good night sleep could be the answer

22nd January 2019

We all know the importance of a good night sleep. Well, recent research has shown that sleep not only refreshes the mind but also has the benefit of reducing stress and as a result cortisol levels enabling us to think more clearly. Research indicates that for optimum cognitive function, the required sleep is 8 hours. Less than this optimum is classified as poor sleep or deprivation which makes us more sensitive to our own pain and prevents us from making better decisions. Poor sleep hygiene has also been associated with increases in Alzheimer’s, heart disease and diabetes.

The quality of our sleep impacts our health and wellbeing. Deep sleep is the most regenerative stage of sleep and provides the most restorative properties, which means to get the ultimate benefit we need deep sleep. During this phase, we produce more delta waves, which allows our brain to store long-term memories and provide the most regenerative brain benefits (source Dan Gartenberg).

The best way to generate the restorative delta waves is to listen to burst frequency as that of the sea. Which explains why the best sleep habitat for optimum mental well-being, and why people looking for restorative mental wellbeing, flock to the sea.

Here at Fermain Valley Hotel, we take sleep very seriously. We want to ensure you have an exceptional nights sleep and have therefore invested in the highest quality mattresses, and the provide you with the option of feather or memory foam pillows, which are all wrapped up in the finest Egyptian cotton.

We are certain that we can get you sleeping in until after 10 am, but don’t worry you won’t be missing out on breakfast as we serve it until late especially for you sleepyheads, giving you time to wake at your leisure, and return home feeling revived and bright.

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