Hanging out the dirty laundry

16th April 2019

Fermain Valley Hotel is nestled in green leafy valley on the southeast corner of Guernsey, a haven of the islands biodiversity and a retreat of pure tranquillity. We therefore pride ourselves on remaining in harmony with nature.

At the hotel we are committed to ensure that we are minimising our carbon footprint and looking to be as kind to nature as possible and fit naturally within our beautiful location. Here at our green hotel we employ many initiatives to ensure that we minimise our impact on the environment using initiatives such as low energy consumption heating, compositing of waste, LED lights, environmentally friendly cleaning products, encouragement of electric vehicles, recycling of waste and reduction in plastic consumption.

This last point is particularly important for us as a hotel, particularly as we are located on a wonderful island, surrounding by pristine waters that we are dedicated to keeping clean for present and future generations. Our initiatives include replacing plastic for starch-based straws used in our cocktail bars, using refillable toiletries, and seeking raw food suppliers whom are also dedicated to reducing plastic use and of course segregation of waste for recycling.

What top tips can you adopt at home to reduce your microfiber production and plastic consumption, here are a few suggestions below, that might just appeal to those who are predisposed to dislike housework.

Washing your clothes less frequently and at lower temperatures. It is known that during the washing cycle tiny microfibers (minuscule fibres) released into the waste water causing pollution of rivers and seas. This also reduces the energy and water used and carbon emissions associated. Fabric cleaners are packed full of enzymes that eat up dirt at low temperatures at 30º.

Wear your clothes for longer. In this clean society we often throw clothes in the wash too soon, which wears the fabric and uses more energy, and extends the garments lifespan. This same logic should be applied at any hotel you stay at as a guest if you wish to reduce your carbon emissions. We love clean towels, but does it need to be replaced every day?

Take a reusable bottle to stay hydrated during the day and fill from public fountains. It’s shown that tap water is as good for you as branded bottled water.

The UK uses approximately 6million coffee cups a day, so why not invest in a reusable coffee cup. Look at buying your shopping from wholesalers that don’t pack food in as much wrapping. Next time you have a drink request no straw. Separate your recycling and dispose of plastics correctly.

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