Things to do in Guernsey – AdventureRooms

24th April 2020

What are AdventureRooms?

The AdventureRooms are themed rooms where you and your teammates are locked for 60 minutes. In order for you to get out, you will have to complete challenging tasks and find hidden clues throughout the rooms.. Everywhere you look is a potential puzzle or clue to get you out in time, so make sure to take a closer look at all objects and props in the room. Hurry, the clock is ticking!

What to expect from our AdventureRooms?

Every escape room has its own unique mission, allowing you to challenge yourself in order to complete it. The one we offer for now is “Lost”, and is a replica of the Original Swiss escape room.

Expect to wake up from a plane crash on a deserted island with your teammates. You have no memory of how and why you got there, but you remember having what seems to be a treasure map. Will it help you get off the island?

Prepare to be challenged!

Prepare for the AdventureRoom


Book in advance at the Hotel, email or over a phone call. 01481 235666 or Make sure you get the date and time right as we get booked up very quickly and we don’t want you disappointed.


Aim to arrive at least 10min before your booked time slot, to be able to ask our staff questions if you have any and to ensure that the whole team is present and ready to take on the challenge!

Keep in mind that, due to time restrictions, we won’t be able to accommodate you if you’re late.


We would recommend wearing something practical and comfortable, that will help you move easily through the room.

Get ready to communicate:

It is important for the whole team to work together in order to make it out on time. Therefore, each team member must speak out loud when finding a new clue/riddle.

Each individual has a voice, it is of utmost importance to listen to each other!

Manage expectations:

Do not expect to escape in 10 or 15 minutes, and don’t underestimate the complexity of the game, you might be surprised. After all, only one-third of our participants managed to escape within the given time!

Who can Participate?

Group Size:

Between 4 and 14 participants are allowed at a time per game. If your group is bigger than 14 members, contact us at and we’ll accommodate you by splitting up the group in two, and ensure you have a pleasant experience.


Our adventurerooms are suitable for participants of 16 years of age and up. However, participants younger than that can take part in the game if they are accompanied by a guardian.

Special circumstances:

Our games are non-physical and held in reasonably sized rooms. Moreover, there is nothing scary about our games, and shouldn’t cause you any uncomfortable feelings. Contact us at if you have any specific questions.


Our AdventureRooms are perfect for Team Building, Families or any celebrations really. They’re great experiences to share with loved ones, as you work together to solve riddles and discover clues to escape together. Even if you’re not able to get out of a room in time, this experience will allow you to make memories that you will share for a long time.

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