Reflecting On A Difficult Year

15th December 2020

As we close on 2020, there is a chance that we may have feelings of uncertainty as we welcome 2021. If this last year has taught us all anything, it is that life can change on a sixpence.
Maybe we were all living life a little through rose tinted glasses before, swept up in a blinkered day to day world of expectations and pressures of work. Although there have undoubtedly been hardships faced across the globe, there has also been a feeling of community, coming together and supporting one another in the fight against this invisible opponent. Could it be that in some ways this year has actually served as an opening of our minds?
Learning to appreciate who and what we do have, allowed us to look at how we are living, treating ourselves and our planet, possibly with less than they deserve? Realising how important the health of our planet and our ways of life are for the health of ourselves, our family and friends. We’ve all slowed down this year, day to day has become more about love – reaching out and helping our neighbour, keeping a smile on the face of a person isolated, be that by regular phone calls (that otherwise may not have occurred) or by dropping off a little gift at their door.

Although most of us, quite rightly, will look back at this year and be glad to say goodbye. We should take from it this; when all is said and done in this life, LOVE is what really matters. Let’s use this year as a lesson in love, and welcome next year with a sense of hope for our future as a closer, more connected community. Love the Planet we’ve been given, the oxygen we breathe, the trees that create that oxygen. Let’s go into 2021 with a resolution together to do better by each other and better by our Planet, after all, she’s the only one we have.

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