Brekkie Ideas…

27th January 2021

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day.
It sets you up by kick-starting your metabolism. We need energy to get things done and a good brekkie helps you focus on work and school.

Many studies have linked eating a good breakfast to good health, including a better memory and concentration, lower chances of getting diabetes, heart disease and being overweight, so what are you waiting for? Eat breakfast!

We had a little discussion on our work WhatsApp page this morning about what we were all eating for our breakfast, none of us are chefs but we love to cook and bake so here are some ideas for you to try this week if you’re running out of ideas…

Porridge Oats (soaked in almond milk overnight) with cinnamon, nutmeg, peanut butter, banana and honey – quick and easy and can be done the night before.

Sourdough Pancakes with yoghurt, honey and blueberries – delicious

Eggy Bread – classic

Fried Eggs with Beans  – easy-peasy

Weetabix – always a winner

Banana Bread – yum

Smoked Salmon Bagel with Cream Cheese & Capers – fancy

We have all decided to make our brekkie a little more exciting for lockdown, so how about creating some fun fruit platters to look like animals, or toast shaped into silly figures?
Easy, fun and healthy.
We can pretend that this is for the kids, but it’s fun for us adults too!

We’d love to see your breakfast ideas and creations throughout lockdown.
Send them to us at Fermain Valley Hotel Facebook, or email us [email protected] and we can share them all if you don’t mind.

Have a great Wednesday!


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