Apps-olutely Wonderful…

2nd February 2021

In times like these, many of us have turned to technology to keep us in the loop or in touch with our loved ones.
Without clever apps like FaceTime, many people would be feeling even more isolated on a day to day basis.
So in this blog we are sharing with you 3 Apps we love that are helping us to stay in tune with ourselves and to make the best out of these uncertain days…


  1. Calm – The number 1 app for sleep, meditation & relaxation.
    This app states that their mission is to make the world happier and healthier.
    With many features to the app included guided meditations, bedtime stories to help you drift off, natural scenes and sounds, music to help with focus, relaxation & sleep as well as video lessons on mindful movement.
    Many people have reported that it is a great app that has helped them with anxiety and calming of their minds!
  2. HeadspaceThis app is specifically for meditation
    You can start it as a total beginner where you are taught and led through the process up to advanced meditation when you really know what you are doing.
    This app is a fantastic one to try out and give yourself some ‘headspace’ during this strange time.
  3. PodcastsWe love podcasts.
    The podcast feature on all phones allows you to stream and download all your favourite shows or discover some new.
    You can learn and listen to any sort of genre you fancy, anytime, anywhere – about anything you want; from history books to your latest favourite comedians. It’s all there for you.
    So pour that glass of wine (or cup of tea), maybe run a bath, then sit back, relax and listen in.

These are just 3 apps we recommend because of our love for them and how much they help us day to day.


We welcome any ideas you might have so that we can share those with everyone too and keep our #GuernseyTogether spirit going.
So please email in to us at [email protected] or message us on Facebook if you think you’ve got others that we can benefit from too.

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