Breaking Bad Habits

24th February 2021

We all live with bad habits
Some habits are just part of our routine and are not harmful to us or to others, but some are.
For example, biting your nails isn’t really harming you or your family, but it is annoying and a little dirty. Smoking is bad for you and your family.

We all have vices and in moderation they can be fine, but when our habits start to really affect our lives then it may be time to try and control them, or give them up for good.

There are many ‘bad habits’ that we live with and we’re all different
Some may hate how much chocolate they eat and are gaining weight because of it, some are on their phones too much and therefore can’t sleep and are irritable the next day, some may drink too much caffeine and depend on it daily, some smoke and it’s really affecting their health, some drink too much alcohol and their relationships are starting to suffer because of it, some over eat and it’s making them unhappy, some over spend and are now stressed with money, some just love fizzy drinks and their dentist bills are getting them down.

Set the challenge 
We can all relate to having a bad habit, we are only human.
With it being lockdown, we may think that it’s a hard time to stop a bad habit, but it’s the best time.
Why not set yourself a challenge, plan a day to kick your habit and go for it.
Perhaps don’t say ‘I quit for good from tomorrow’ as that’s too much pressure, but say you’ll try your best to stop until a certain date.
Once you’ve hit your target date, see how you feel and either continue with your challenge, or moderate your bad habit.
You may find that you’ll naturally just stop after having a break and it will no longer be a ‘challenge’.
Most bad habits are set into our daily routines and it’s about breaking that, it’s about changing our mind set and doing things a little differently.
Good luck!

Tips and links 
Click here for tips on how to kick your bad habits.
Allen Carr’s Easyway is also fantastic for giving up those annoying habits of ours.
His books are available online 


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