Favourite Friday Tipple

5th February 2021

During lockdown there are many people who enjoy a drink at home, especially on a Friday or Saturday night after they’ve had a long week of home schooling and working from home.

We’re not encouraging alcohol consumption, as we should be drink aware but we know that lots of you are missing our cocktails from Búho and The Rock Garden.

Here are our favourites below and we will be sharing a video of how to make them later.
Our lovely General Manager Vlad will be making them at home, so keep an eye out on our Facebook pages and have some fun with them.

Buho Facebook 
The Rock Garden Facebook 

Búho Cocktails

Little Red Dress – Vodka based 
Devilishly handsome vodka based drink, strawberry liqueur combined with fresh raspberries, grapefruit juice, passion fruit puree and cranberry juice.

Margarita – Tequila based 
The crown jewel in the cocktail world and a Búho favourite!
Combining the tang of lime and sweetness of orange liqueur with distinctive strength of tequila.

The Rock Garden 

Black Martini -Vodka based
A naughty vodka based drink with vanilla vodka, Chambord, blackberries and vanilla  to create this delectable cocktail.

Brockman’s Berry Twist -Gin based 
A very refreshing cocktail made with a mix of wild berries, Chambord and cranberry juice.

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