Grow Your Own Veggies

22nd February 2021

As the weather starts to turn and we can enjoy longer days in the sunshine, why not try growing your own vegetables this year? Spring is the best time to get your garden prepared.

Growing your own veggies is healthy, good fun and something you can do as a whole family.
It’s wonderful to watch your seeds/plants grow into yummy veggies that you can eat together.

There are many vegetables you can grow at home and some are really easy.
Our gardening centres are not yet open, but you can get your soil ready for when they are soon (hopefully phase 2).

Your soil must be healthy and some vegetables need more water or light than others, so perhaps try the easy ones first if you’re a beginner.

Here’s a local website to browse through about soil and and how to keep it healthy.
The Soil Farm 

Once you’ve trialled growing your own vegetables for one year, you’ll learn which ones are easy and how long each crop lasts for.
You can then decide on which veggies you’ll grow again and which are your favourites to eat.
It’s a great hobby to start that will keep you busy all year round.

Click the below link for tips and links to growing your favourite veggies.
Get learning now so you’re ready for buying your seeds soon.
 Start growing now  


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