Guernsey Hedge Veg

11th February 2021

We have always loved our quirky, innocent and trusting Guernsey Hedge Veg  stands, but we love them now more than ever!

So many people love to grow their own vegetables locally and share them with others by selling them outside their properties. We choose what we like from the improvised ‘shop’ and put our cash in an honestly box, simple.
There really aren’t many places in the world where you can do this, we are very lucky indeed to live on such a safe and trustworthy island.

We have very healthy soils in Guernsey which means we can produce some of the tastiest potatoes, tomatoes and strawberries and the most gorgeous smelling freesias.

For many years we have been able to stop off at our favourite hedge veg stall and buy an array of delicious fruit and veg.
Flowers have also been really popular to buy on the road side, especially our famous Guernsey freesias 

More recently, our hedge veg stands have really evolved across the island.
You can now buy eggs, jams, books, bread, cakes, jewellery, pottery and much more.

Click on this link for all of the listed ‘hedge veg’ stands around the island.

Remember your wallets, face masks, social distancing rules and hand sanitiser if you’re touching the goods on offer.

Here’s a lovely short video created by Visit Guernsey about our island hedge veg.


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