Keep Guernsey Tidy

12th February 2021

In this challenging time, although it’s hard for us to stay indoors, nature is thankful for yet another little break from ‘us’.
We are terrible at not looking after our planet and studies show that if we all tried just a little harder, the world would be a happier, healthier place.

We are very blessed to live on such a beautiful island like Guernsey, there are far less fumes in the air and definitely less rubbish left around, however, we can still do our best to keep our island looking lush.

Today marks the start of the Big Channel Islands Beach Clean.
From 12th -14th February, all islanders are encouraged to pick up some rubbish when they’re out and about on their 2 hours of exercise.
(Remember to wear your masks and the social distance rules)

To take part:
1. Choose a beach
2. Record the following: beach name, date, weight, list of finds and a photo.
3. Send your information to [email protected]

What a great opportunity to get some fresh air and help clean up the island.

If you’re interested in supporting the island’s ongoing message about the importance of recycle, reduce, reuse, repair, refuse, another useful page to visit is Plastic Free Guernsey 


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