Lockdown Photography

3rd February 2021

We all take photos, more now than ever due to us all owning smart phones and having access to a camera 24/7.

Whether it’s on a night out with friends, a hobby at the weekend, or your job, we all love taking pictures.

With us being in another lockdown, we’re so lucky to be able to send each other pictures of what we’re getting up to daily. We can send relatives pictures of our growing children, send friends old and new memories and your loved ones what you’re up to daily.

Photography is an important activity, there are many benefits for taking pictures and sharing them.
Here’s a few reasons why we should keep snapping away!

Documentation of your journey through life

Photography is the only means, apart from stories, where you can document your life’s journey from childhood to adulthood. Parents tend to keep memories of their children from their baby steps, to their smiles, school days, till they grow older. This is an activity that goes on from generation to generation. Through this, your life story is told in pictures and reminds you of the best and worst days you experienced.

Stress reliever

When you are stressed or had a long day at work, you can take time and stare at the most beautiful pictures that can calm your soul. Beautiful pictures naturally tend to capture a person’s attention. One can take time to stare and appreciate a lovely picture of a butterfly, their pet, or the setting sun. A picture is worth a thousand words they say, so enjoy it while you can.

Gets You Outside & Exercising

One difference between photography and other forms of art is that pictures are a snapshot of reality. While you can enjoy taking pictures around your house or in a studio, many find the best subjects are out in the world. This is another reason to get out of the house. There’s wildlife or nature photography, which require you to get out in nature and hike. Even sports or event photography requires you to get out and get moving, which adds a new physical aspect to the art. While you likely won’t be ready to run a marathon just from photography, it can act as a catalyst to help you exercise more!


Mindfulness, or being in the moment, is a particularly effective way at fighting stress. Many forms of art promote mindfulness, and photography is no different.
The daily photo study found that photography offered the participants a moment to focus on the present and relax a bit.

Our blog photo credit goes to Jose Maria Pereira Photograph
He has taken some beautiful pictures of Guernsey so far in lockdown, so thank you for this image.

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