Music Feeds The Soul

26th February 2021

We all love listening to our favourite tunes…
Perhaps you turn them on when you’re cooking, walking, running or in the bath.
Wherever or whenever you turn on your music, it’s to make you feel something emotionally.
Music makes us smile, cry and reminisce. It can take you back to precious moments, or sad ones depending on what you are listening to.
We have our favourite songs played at our weddings and at our funerals. Music brings us together and creates emotions. We dance to music and dancing is so good for the soul.
(Dance to music whenever you can, it’s a good daily routine to get into throughout lockdown).
Music is everywhere and everything and we’re so lucky to have it in our lives. Music has such power on our moods and can have a real positive impact on our mindset, so go and listen to your favourite song now!

History of music 
There’s too much to write about the history or music in one small blog, but have a read below if you’re interested in where music was born and how it evolved over the years.

Composer extraordinaire Johan Sebastian Bach once said that “Harmony is next to Godliness”.
Bach understood, as well as any, the sheer power that music has over the hearts and souls of mankind. For the joy of music is truly one of life’s great pleasures; food for both mind and soul, allowing humanity to experience (when in synch with our deeper selves) an indescribable state of emotional euphoria. There is hardly a more uplifting subject available for my latest infographic, where we highlight below the joy of music and the nourishing influence it has on the soul.

Here’s a few songs to listen to if you’re unsure of what to play right now and need some inspiration.
These will definitely get your emotions going.
Spotify is amazing for searching for new songs to add to your favourite playlists.

I believe – Yolanda Adams 

I want you back – Jackson 5

Send me on my way – Rusted Root

Want you back – Haim

‘Music gives a soul to the universe’ 


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