When It’s All Over…

23rd February 2021

What will you do when this is all over?

In Guernsey we have been so lucky to have had some normality in between our two lockdowns.
We had a 7 month period where everything was pretty normal apart from the fact that we couldn’t go on our holidays off island.

Now that we’re back in our second lockdown, but into phase 1 of coming out, what are you planning?
It has only been a few weeks, but what have you missed the most?
Where will you go? Who will you see and what will you be planning?

We’ve asked a few people locally what they will be getting up to when we are back to ‘normal life’ again.
There are lots of lovely ideas, they are such simple things that we took for granted before.

Hugging friends and family
Going for coffee with a friend
Having dinner out in our favourite restaurant
Walking or running in a group
Going clothes shopping
Getting back to the gym
Planning a holiday for next year
Getting back to work
Popping in to see elderly relatives and friends
Going to the pub
Yoga classes
Music festivals
Hot weather
Beer gardens in the sunshine
Going to the UK for the weekend
Kids going back to school
A long weekend in St Malo
Stay at the Fermain Valley Hotel and eat steak at The Rock Garden

We will get there eventually and always be truly thankful for what we have.


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