Why We Love To Sea Swim…

4th February 2021

Sea swimming has become more popular with all ages, all year round.
Why we ask?
Because it ‘makes us feel so good’, they say…

Lots of people brave the waters all year round, so we’ve had a chat with a few avid all-weather sea swimmers for their reasons why they choose to sea swim as much as they can.

Heidi Lawlor 
‘Some people think I’m mad.
It’s about back to basics, you and the water and not thinking too much.
It’s great for core and cardio and there’s the ice bath and warm up thrown in too. The elements of a good work out, not necessarily in the right order’

Paula Jenkins 
‘Sea swimming helped me get through the menopause. It makes my whole being feel alive and it feeds my soul’

Laura Havard 
‘For me it’s the little moment of mindfulness, surrounded and immersed in nature, to stop and think about nothing  else than the cold! Trying to go once or twice a week at the moment’.

There are many groups who go sea swimming locally, so if you want to brave the cold with others, get in touch with a couple of our recommendations below.
Open Water Sea Swimming
Guernsey Swim Adventures 

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