Online Shopping

3rd March 2021

Shop, shop, shop
Yes we’re all guilty of it, but even more so with it being lockdown.

After we’ve finished working from home, being a home teacher and then getting some form of exercise in, we all like to browse the internet and find goodies to buy.
More often than not, we don’t really need to go spending but at the moment it makes us feel good.
It keeps us busy and gives us something to look forward to. We can’t wait for the postman to arrive with our new items.
You may even be shopping for other people to make them feel more positive so that’s amazing!

So what’s in your shopping basket?
What have you been buying during lockdown?

We’ve asked some staff members what they’ve been purchasing and here’s their list.
Gym gear
Gym equipment
Dry robe
Swim wear
Home furnishings
Home art
Yoga mat
Pressure washer
Kids clothing
Gardening bits
Flowers for other people
Beauty products

Buy local if you can and support our amazing businesses.

We’re not promoting overspending, or spending if you can’t afford it but sometimes it’s ok to treat yourself a little.


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