Picnic Planning

5th March 2021

Having a picnic is such a lovely way to spend the day.
You can enjoy them with friends, family or your partners.

With us going into stage 2 of exiting lockdown from Monday, not all restaurants and cafes will be opening. For the venues that are opening, they may already be full so you probably feel a little disappointed…
Fear not! This doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy dining out, it just means you’ll need a little prep time and thinking outside of the box.

Plan your picnic 
Planning a picnic can be so much fun, you can decide on what you want to make for your breakfast/lunch or dinner and what drinks to pair with your food.
Where will you go on your picnic?
Will you find a quiet spot along the cliffs, a park, or will you go to the beach?

Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Breakfast picnics can be a great way to start the day, perhaps cycle to your chosen destination and settle down with a pastry and coffee first.

Lunch time picnics are probably the popular choice and you’ll no doubt have a sandwich or two in your lunch box. Lazy lunch time picnics on the beach or in the park are so relaxing and fun.
Pop those bubbles!

Dinner picnics will mean taking more layers and cosy blankets along with you, torches and a flask of hot chocolate is highly recommended.

Guernsey offers so many perfect picnic spots so go and find yours next week.


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