Online Price Match Promise

We promise to match any online equivalent booking engine or online travel agent B&B rate that you can evidence for Fermain Valley Hotel, when making a direct booking.
Put simply we will match any equivalent online rate for Fermain Valley you find online, booked for the same period and date (subject to availability). Not only will we will match the rates but we will provide a complimentary bottle of Prosecco.
Simply Email a screen shot of the booking rate from the booking engine you have found with a booking for the same period and we will honour the rate, PLUS a complimentary bottle of Prosseco as a gesture of goodwill.
  • Not exchangeable for cash and cash  equivalents
  • Mutually exclusive to  other offers
  • Rate must be evidenced with key provider comparison (, Agoda, Expedia, LaterRooms, Venera, HotelRooms)
  • Available on B&B rate only
  • Based on same number of guests