Alderney is the second largest island in the Bailiwick at three square miles and a population of around 2,000.

Alderney, Bailiwick Of Guernsey, Channel Islands

Unlike the smaller islands, Alderney has an airport which allows for easy travel between the islands and both Guernsey and Southampton. 

Alderney’s town of St Anne is a breath of fresh air, showcasing primarily independent local shops without a trace of the usual high street shops and the beautiful landscape is a nature lover’s paradise. A quirky place, (there is a box of half-finished knitting in a box at the airport, just in case you are delayed by bad weather) Alderney will quickly find a place in your heart as you take a step back from everything and enjoy the slower pace of life.

Alderney Week takes place every year and is between Saturday 2nd – Sunday 10th August. The theme for Alderney Week 2014 is “Treasure Island” and as always, will have lots of fun activities for all ages. Expect favourites such as the Man-Powered Flight, the Daft Raft Race and the Gala Night, all for free.